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Welcome to Budano

This page is the starting point for all teams who are competing in 07EE in the city of Budano. Remember you can always learn from your competitors or even-within the legal boundaries - cooperate with your competitors: so feel free to have a look around. Of course you are only allowed to edit/change your own team page and you cannot see other teams results, decisions etc.: this all is in the g secure section where you can only make your own decisions and see your own results.

Surrounding of your hotel

Your coach

Your coach will guide you trough the total of the simulation. You can address your questions to them: about your team, the tasks and on general game-issues. Your coach will supervise your city every year. The coaches will help you, but check out yourselves the platform-pages with information in Help:Contents.

  • Contact

Contacting your coach can be done at the game-sessions. Remember, your coaches have lots of other tasks as well! You can also use the shoutbox (on the left) if it is a general question.


In total, there are 10 hotels in your city: you all have the same starting information and -situation. There is an extensive history and a lot of insights in the financial situation. The section Extra info pages will show you lots of these pages with information you might need at a certain point. There is an 07EE Example teampage where you can get an idea on how to fill out your team-page. You have a team-username and-password. All teams can see your team page which is public, but NOT your decisions or results which are in your Team File, which has a secret link. So you mainly have got to do with the other 9 hotels in your city who are your direct competitors. But, as in reality, very often there is also some kind of cooperation.

Filming and copyrights

Make sure that all of the pictures, photo's and texts you are using are your own or without copyrights. All of the information on this game put in the platform by you, will be kept and processed, as well as your pictures. We will be running the game with other universities and companies in other countries as well and eventually use your contributions.

As you might have noticed, we think that photos and pictures are very important in supporting this simulation. Therefore we will make a lot of pictures and do some filming during the game. This is a (compulsory) part of the game and some of this material will be published on this platform, on YouTube and Flickr etc. See this as an opportunity for your team to promote your hotel! So try to be in front of the camera representing your company..


As this game is intensive and teamwork, all of you will do the planned game meetings and presentations together. Presence will be registered by the coaches and attending is compulsory! So do not plan other things during the hours dedicated to the game (as scheduled). This all sounds very strict, but we have played several versions of the game over the years with thousands of students and they were all very much into the game and supported this. This game is really teamwork and requires an active attitude of all during all of the hours during the game week.

Team performance is essential in hospitality

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