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In the Game your team can get a bonus, or even several bonuses. These bonuses can be given for different reasons. Your coach can tell you exactly why you have got a bonus or (for that matter) a fine. Not all of these bonuses are to be for seen; some of them are the consequence of a bit of luck and awareness, as it is in reality.
A bonus can be anything from € 10,000 up to a maximum of € 100,000.
Bonuses can be given in year 0 (making your strategic choices), and the decision years 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Bonuses can be given for:

  • Game play

In the Game you are asked to perform in a certain way, you are asked to be creative and think commercial. Some of the teams actions are not rewarded in getting more customers, but by a special bonus given to your team. This can be related to a decision which your team has worked out very well and of which you have proven that it could bring results to the hotel. All of these calculations then should be extended, realistic and backed-up by benchmarks or cases in real life (hyperlinking and explaining this).

  • Creativity

You are asked to be creative and in this still be commercial. If you are the first team in a city to come with a refreshing new look on communications or marketing this could be rewarded with a bonus. If you have thought of something very creative, always, as normal in marketing, point out what the goals are, which stakeholders or customers you want to reach, with which message and what are our expectations on the results. Try to make things SMART and be sure that the coaches know this. Your creativity might bring a bonus, which will directly be added to your profit in a year.

  • Game events

In the Game events might occur or sometimes governmental organisations come with new rules, with subsidies or funds. If you are alert and react in the right way, you might get a bonus out of this if you keep to the rules.

Influence of bonuses

Fines and bonuses while have a direct effect on the result of the year if which they are given. There is a special item on your operating review where they will be mentioned. So they will influence (for the good or the bad) the result of (only) this year. But as the profit of any year leads to the total of the net profit (or lose..) accumulated after all of the years played, any figure on the operating review has influence on your ranking and net profit. So do fines and bonuses.

Your hotel's Team File under the tab Results.

A bonus or fine will directly make your net profit go up or down.

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