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Your coach

Your team is managing the hotel; however, there are several competitors who run a similar hotel in your city, so they are active in the same market. There will be a coach (or coaches) per city, supporting that specific city and all of its hotels with advice and suggestions. This coach will not favour any particular team but will favour the city in its entirety. There are more cities depending of the number on participants.

A group of coaches in one of the competitions

The coaches tasks are:

  • supporting and helping his or her city.
  • the first person to contact if the team has problems.
  • giving bonuses and fines.
  • representing your city in the total of the Game and presenting to Jill Jandal e.g.
  • assesses your assignments, which heavily influences your revenues / profit.
  • decide on your final marks for the total of the Game.
  • the contact person for resits, if applicable.

Let's have a look at your new strategy now.

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