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Corona situation

The situation in the hotel industry has been heavily influenced by Corona in 2020 and 2021. We assume, for the time being, that the extreme situation is temporary and that the market will rebound. Emerald Forest Hotel is an international hotel, but most of the guests are leisure guests. And of the business market, about 50% comes from abroad. We see signals in the market to think so. More data on Corona and hotel industry are are coming in.
Affected by Corona are

  • the occupancy rate: the steep drop seems to end in 2021-2022
  • the food and beverage (revenues): the restaurant and bar have been closed for months. Here a recovery is expected in 2021-202 as well.
  • the staff: luckily just a few members the staff of the Emerald Forest Hotel went through Corona, with just mild disease profile.


Important now, and in the future, is good communication to all stakeholders. It is also the case that, in all likelihood, things are going to change because of Corona. The most influential sources are talking about:

  • more emphasis on health
  • more emphasis on hygiene
  • a permanently lower simultaneous capacity in everything.

Sites like Hospitality net give relevant information on impact of Corona on our industry.
The WHO, World Health Organisation offers some guidance in how to deal with the situation.
It is not about the, hopefully temporary regulations, for your new hotel concept it is more about the next steps. All major Hospitality Industry Associations provide information on this.

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