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What does it look like?

The most important file in your game play, is your Team File. It is only visible to your team and your coach. All items as displayed in the Team File are explained on the page here.
To get an idea about how a Team File looks like at the end of the game, you can have a look at:

Demo Team File of a finished Game

This gives you an impression how a complete Team File (after the Strategic choices in Year 0, and 4 years of playing) with all results and comments would look like. Note: by no means this is the 'perfect team': it is just an example!
You will see some 'locked' symbols on the tabs of your Team File: don't worry. On the tabs year 0 and tab year 1-2-3-4 you can edit in the indicated cells. Do be careful in handling the file, it is a spreadsheet.
The tabs Dashboard and Results you can never edit.


We want to give you an idea of how a Team File looks like when all years have been played. In your specific Game, things could be a bit different, but still the demonstration Team File gives you a good impression.
The Team File is a (Google) spreadsheet for each team individually. The demo file, of course, isn't editable.

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