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New version 4.0

January 2020 the newest version of the game will be released. As always, we will upgrade the game all the time.
We will change a number of things. An important file still, in the Game is the Team file: find all explanations on the elements in this Team file here.
To get an idea on what a completed Team File might look like, you can check: Demo Team File.
This gives you an impression what a complete Team File, after the preparations and fours years, with results and comments could look like.
By no means is this the perfect team: it is just any team. So probably:

  • the team picture could be more serious
  • the explanations could be more in depth
  • etc.

We want to give you an idea of a demo team and hotel. In any competition, things could be a bit different, but still we think the example is useful. Any competition has it's own requirements, rules and assignments.
The demo Team file is a (Google) spreadsheet each team works in individually. This file is the most crucial file for your team during the game, it is private to you and only visible to your team and the coaches. Check the exact explanation on the here.

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