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What can you do?

In the Game you have a number of possibilities to influence your hotel.

  • tab Year 0 where you start your strategic choices, introduce your hotel, strategy, your target groups etc.
  • tab Year 1-2-3-4 where you, after Year 0 (strategic choices), make your decisions and give explanations each year.
  • tab dashboard where you can find an overview of the most important financial results
  • tab results where you find an operating review and other details on results and costs after each year
  • The social media, websites etc. when used in your competition
  • Other live action or online activities of your team, depending on your competition.

We now look at the explanations in the Team File, in which you explain extensively all your financial decisions each year.

Keep explanations and decisions secret!

Your hotel's Team File is private of course. All Year 1-2-3-4 decisions in all years must be backed-up by explanations. You will do so in your Team File immediately underneath your decisions.
You need to explain very explicitly every year why you chose the decisions your team took. Example filled out:

Team File with Year 1-2-3-4 decisions and explanations.

You fill out the Year 1-2-3-4 decisions in numbers (euros) in your Team File, and the explanations underneath. Make things smart, make calculations and refrain from general remarks like 'we think this is interesting 'a lower price brings more customers'. Give benchmarks and sources, real links - sources. Be sure to calculate the new price to prove that if the new, lower (or higher) price works out, this will raise the occupancy rate and so the revenues. In the end, this will bring more profit because.... and calculate this.
All your team members can work in the same Team File all of the years (even at the same moment). All you do is saved automatically all the time in this document there is no save button :-).

Your hotel's occupancy

The Team File is very important in every year because

  • Your occupancy (and profit) depend on your Year 1-2-3-4 decisions but even more on your explanations! This will be assessed by your coach.
  • The mark at the end of the Game, depends heavily on these explanations as well.

Your explanations show that you are really managing the hotel in a proper, well-thought over manner. Leaving this out just means filling out numbers and guessing and will for sure bring down your occupancy and result.

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