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Welcome to the Emerald Forest Hotel!

This is the homepage of your simulation in Rotterdam, called 29NL. All of the content is in English as this is an international hotel. You can do all your work in Dutch, no worries.
Please first read the online Team Manual to get a quick start on the game.

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What is the game?

You all take over the Emerald Forest Hotel as a management team. You have to run the hotel, trying to do better than has been done in the past. Last year's decisions and results, i.e. the history, are available as a point of reference. At the beginning of the game you will all have 'the same hotel', with the same data as starting point. Your hotels are located in your own country, so the Netherlands, in a number of (fictitious) cities. Each city consists of approx. ten hotels. Your direct, or main competitors are the other hotels in your city.
CEO Jill Jandal, and the owner Christina Bergman, ask you to manage the Emerald Forest Hotel. Coaches will help you doing so; Jill and Christina will follow the developments as well, but only in the background.

What are the goals?

The task you have when taking over the hotel is to do better than before. The existing and realistic dates of Emerald Forest Hotel offer the possibility to apply management skills and knowledge. Learning goals are:

  • Working with a large amount of data and finding the right information as a team, just-in-time
  • Working on the competence of creativity and communication by doing assignments
  • Running your own management team in a pleasant and businesslike way
  • Behaving like an entrepreneurs: handling uncertainty, finding solutions, accepting failures
  • Acting like entrepreneur in real-life situations

You will do by managing the hotel in the following ways:

  • Making assignments during a number of weeks
  • Explaining why and how you do things
  • 'Live actions' in the game
  • Handling the situation, make choices and be creative
  • Taking into account the competition, events happening in real live and other things happening during the competition


On this platform you can find documentation on multiple elements that are linked to your hotel.
We will use the Facebook group 29NL as a platform to profile your hotel: so join as soon as possible! We ask one member of each group to join the WhastApp group, supporting the total of the game.
There are modules in the study program related to the game, as we will explain.
The most important contact point will be your coach.

Your coaches

You are working with approx. 4 persons in a management team. Each city will be guided by its own coach.

Coach and cities
City name Teams Coach Class
-01- Amstelburg Team A01 t/m A10 Brian Becker and Christy Sinterniklaas 1A & 1B
-02- Budano Team B01 t/m B10 Mike Hordijk and Miranda Cornelisse 1C & 1D
-03- Copenstadt Team C01 t/m C10 Salma Houari and Nynke Sutherland 1E & 1F
-04- Dreskovski Team D01 t/m D10 Alex Bodegraven and Mariska Breman 1G & 1H
-05- Efemada Team E01 t/m E10 Tina Balaban (twice) 1K & 1L
-06- Geopodo Team G01 t/m G10 Arjen Janga and Els Sneep 1M & 1N

Your marks

All of this is evaluated each playing year, in assessing your creativity and entrepreneurship. These two elements are basic in bringing your hotel (hopefully) profit and creativity points.
You will also get some (limited) feedback on your team's performance each year.

Each round, you will have two assignments, which will be evaluated on

  • the element of entrepreneurship
  • as well as creativity

The average of these sixteen assignments will result in your final mark for the game. This mark which will only be published after the total of the module. During the game, you will get comments on your work; and the quality of your work will heavily influence your hotel's result and ranking. Marks are assigned individually, but in many cases will be the same for all team members.

Marking in the game
Year Entrepreneurship
Assignment Creativity
Week 01 1-10 1.1 1-10 1.2
Week 02 1-10 2.1 1-10 2.2
Week 03 1-10 3.1 1-10 3.2
Week 04 1-10 4.1 1-10 4.2
Week 5 exam week
Week 06 1-10 6.1 1-10 6.2
Week 07 1-10 7.1 1-10 7.2
Week 08 1-10 8.1 1-10 8.2
Week 09 1-10 9.1 1-10 9.2
A total of 16 assignments

You'll find the timeline and assignments on the page 29NL Tasks and timeline.

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