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Welcome to the Emerald Forest Hotel!

This is the homepage of the International Virtual Business Week from UCLL, Leuven. This competition is called 36BE and will be running from 1 until 5 March 2021.


Game has finished!

The game Game 36BE has finished!
Thank you all so much for joining! It has been a pleasure. Congrats to the winning teams!


  • On Profit Woodland Hotel €3,380,000
  • On Creativity The Jadenity and Businessaholiday Hotel 2,2 points


  • On Profit Villa Verde €3,788,000
  • On Creativity Lignum International Hotel 2,6 points


  • On Profit Bos Retree’t €4,141,000
  • On Creativity Bos Retree’t 2,8 points


  • On Profit Tranquility Forest Hotel €2,239,000
  • On Creativity The Bergman Hotel and the Colloquium Capital 2,4 points


  • On Profit Marriott €2,373,000
  • On Creativity Hotel Passion Verde 2,6 points

What is the Game?

You and every member of your team are tasked with the take-over of the Emerald Forest Hotel as the new Management Team. You will manage the hotel, bring improvements to its current operations, and deliver noticeable results when compared to prior years. Last year's performance results and its related decisions will be made available to you. Along with historical data, this will serve as a point of reference. This becomes the same starting point for all (other) teams.
Your hotel is located in Belgium, or anywhere in Europe, in a number of (fictitious) cities. In each city, multiple hotels are also found. Your main competitors are the other existing hotels within your city.
CEO Jill Jandal and owner Christina Bergman want you to effectively manage the Emerald Forest Hotel. Your coaches will help you achieve this task; meanwhile, Jill and Christina will be following any developments along the way behind the scenes.

Jill Jandal CEO Emerald Forest Hotel 02.jpg
Jill Jandal, CEO of the Emerald Forest Hotel

Corona has changed the market

Of course, Corona has highly impacted the situation in hospitality in 2020. Some changes and situations are temporary, and the industry is likely to recover from that. There will also continue to be a number of structural changes as a result of the pandemic. A large number of benchmarks and figures are only available for the full year 2019. Of course, the year 2020 cannot be compared in any way with previous years. Neither will 2021, probably. However, it is precisely in these times, that creativity is needed and there is room for innovation and new initiatives.

What are the goals?

As the new Management Team, your main task when taking over the hotel, is to do better than your predecessors. The existing timeline and the set dates of the Emerald Forest Hotel offer the possibility to apply sound management skills and built knowledge thus far.
The learning goals entail that you and the team:

  • Process and analyse a large amount of data and that you select and apply the right information that will successfully help you running the hotel;
  • Work on assignments that will put into practice your developing skills, as so far acquired during the course of your studies;
  • Run your own Management Team in a joyful and professional manner;
  • Behave as skilled managers: dealing with uncertainties, finding solutions, and learning from your own mistakes.

Consequently, you are expected to carry out your managerial duties and deliver the following:

  • A set of assignments during the course of the Game;
  • Offering a strong and clear substantiation of each of your decisions and actions;
  • Living up to the deadlines in a timely and punctual way, while continue acting adequately on new situations and challenges ahead;
  • Creating a competitive position and strategy for your hotel.


This platform is your main source where you can find most documentation of the relevant elements of your hotel.
The Game will use 36BE Emerald Forest Hotel Facebook group as an additional platform to profile your hotel: so join as soon as possible! Each Management Team needs to delegate one team member to join the WhatsApp group, which supports the process of the Game itself.
Be aware that management has to deal with many uncertainties, and as such you will be confronted with a large amount of information along with many challenges. Managing a hotel may not be as easy as it appears. It is all part of the Game. Your coach(es) will always be your first point of contact.

Coaches Emerald forest hotel 01.jpg
Coaches helping you out. In this year, regretfully, online

Corona situation and your study

As you have experienced, this Game will run entirely online. Exactly how and where to work and visit online lectures, you will hear from your coaches.

Your coaches

Each team consists of approximately 4-5 students, whom you will be teaming up as the new Management Team. Each city will be guided by its own coach(es).

Coach and cities
City name Teams Coach, see MS-Teams
1. Amstelburg Team A01 to A10 Marij Spiesschaert
2. Budano Team B01 to B10 Jan Van Hoe
3. Copenstadt Team C01 t0 C10 Liesbeth Vandermeeren
4. Dreskovski Team D01 to D10 Siem de Ruijter
5. Efemada Team E01 to E10 Rudi Goris

The Game

Your entrepreneurial decisions and supporting explanations will have a major impact on the occupancy rate of your hotel and will influence your profit, next to the impact of the pricing you choose and its related costs. The Game algorithms will process all this information and calculate and provide you with the outcome, and rank your team accordingly. Needless to say: having your team becoming familiar with all aspects of this hotel will enable you to get a better grip on the Game and help you in bringing the assignments to a good end.


During the Game, you get a number of assignments. The marks for your assignments (0, 1, 2, 3) have a direct influence on the occupancy rate of your hotel. Regular feedback from your coach will support your team process. During the Game, only the coaches have insights into your marks. At the end of the Game, all the marks will be published per team, at the end of the Game.

Next steps? You'll find the timeline and assignments on the page 36BE Assignments and timeline.

Good luck!

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