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Under construction

Sorry, but this page is not complete yet. We are working on this platform all the time, and some of the total of 2,749 pages are not ready yet, as is this one...
Please have some patience. If you have any suggestions on improving the Management Game platform or the game itself, please inform us!
Thanks for your understanding.


Schedule Year Entrepreneurship assignment E assignment content Creativity assignment C assignment content
Deadline Monday Year 0 Asssignment E.0 Strategy, Team + .... Asssignment C.0 Logo, Team picture + ...
Deadline Tuesday Year 1 Asssignment E.1 10 decisions + ... Asssignment C.1 ...
Deadline Wednesday Year 2 Asssignment E.2 10 decisions + ... Asssignment C.2 ...
Deadline Thursday Year 3 Asssignment E.3 10 decisions + ... Asssignment C.3 ...
Deadline Friday ... Final game ... ... ...

Suggestions on assignments

The list with example assignments is to be found here. This so called 'assignment Shop' is part of the v6.0, yet to be released, so we are still working on it.

To keep us from confusing situations, the rest of this 37BE Game page now is empty: no assignments examples here yet.
The basic idea from the examples is, we will make a copy of the ones of your choice from here and copy them to your Games.
The copies it will never be exactly these assignments. In the copies, we will add-adapt a few things according to your wishes.

On content:

  • All of the assignment are 'major in their tasks: we suggest you to specify a number of elements to focus on.
  • Do you want to add links to study material - courses?
  • Do you want to add other links to websites, research etc.? Or erase some of the links?
  • Other wishes you might have on content or lay-out

On organising, procedures:

  • The exact dates, times to hand in, perform e.g.
  • How to hand in, where to 'perform'? Ms Teams? LMS? Uploading in YouTube? There is a space in the Team File dedicated to this: Management teams can - should put a link, to their video, work in the cloud e.g. on that spot.
  • Further requirements and how exactly coaches will have to assess the assignments in a limited time: up to you to decide.

The basic choice will be: which assignment in which year see schedule on top of this page.
If you feel like really missing out on a specific subject, let us know and maybe do a bit of a suggestion on what is should look like. We might be able to help you out.

After we have 'adapted' the assignments, you will still have time (January) to have a final look at them.

Structure of Game - Teams

  • 188 participants, Teams of approx. 4, 47 teams so 5 cities, per city one coach
  • 310 participants, Teams of approx. 4, 78 teams so 8 cities, per city one coach

One overall coach per Game.

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