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Specific pages with info on the real hotel

There is much information on this platform. Check:

  • the search box and type in a relevant word and look for a page on this platform specifically on this word, or for pages containing this word. There are hundreds of pages.
  • for photos of the real hotel: the ground-plans, videos, financial or marketing information try the page Category:Hotel info.
  • for all information on the Game play check Category:Game play.
  • each competition has its own page (two numbers and the country code, 40NL e.g.) with specific info on assignments etc.
  • All finished games gives so info on solutions in the past: check how other teams have solved things.
  • The Flickr channel stocks hundreds of photo's of the Hotel itself, click here.
  • for information on how to run the simulation try the page Joining the game.


In a number of competitions there will be coaches assisting the new management teams. Jill Jandal will oversee all the competitions on behalf of the owners. Questions and answer not found on this platform? Please check with your coach. Remember that not everything of the Emerald Forest Hotel is available or accessible.

Market research

The company Top Research might help you with more information on figures in the market. You can check out their page for more information. For actual reports you will have to pay: you can decide in any year to make us of this (commercial) offer.

Social media

Find all info on the social media used by the hotel on the page Social media EmeraldForestHotel

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