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First of all: did you read the Introduction to Hotel? If not, do so before starting here. With regard to the Game Play, you can find the basic information you have to read below.

Introduction to Game Play
Page Name Content
-01- Objectives of the game What is the goal exactly when taking over the management of Emerald Forest Hotel?
-02- Management team Information on your management team and roles.
-03- Coach The role of the coaches in the game.
-04- Strategy What are your plans with the hotel?
-05- Occupancy rate This is the starting pint of your hotel: the number of guests booked.
-06- Team File The Team File where you work with all your team members.
-07- Business competition Short explanation on this competition, based on Net Profit and its meaning.
-08- Creativity competition Short explanation on the competition on Creativity and its meaning.
-09- Assignment Explanation of your tasks and how you will be evaluated.
-10- Disclaimer Just to let you know how intellectual property is organized.

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