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Jill Jandal

Jill has been contracted by Christina Bergman to assist her and the whole Bergman family. There is a special page on her and the rest of the family: Bergman family. Jill used to support Christina in many ways, she focuses very much on social media as means of contact. Just recently Christina has announced that Jill will be her successor. Christina might still step forward, every now and then, as she still considers the hotel to be her baby. Though, all contacts, communication and decisions with clients, press, suppliers staff e.g. will go through Jill.

Jill Jandal, CEO Emerald Forest Hotel


Jill grew up in Asia, where her family was active in the hotel industry. From an early age, her life was dominated by hospitality and service. After two years as manager Hospitality (and banqueting) of the Emerald Forest Hotel, the owner, Christina Bergman, asked her to succeed as CEO. Jill's international experience is a big plus in this.

Jill Jandal CEO Emerald Forest Hotel 02.jpg
Jill in one of the renovated rooms

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