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What can the game do for you?

The main assignment for participants in this game is to "take over" the Emerald Forest Hotel and manage it in the best possible way.
The training of management skills in coaching, education is key. The perfect way to get:

  • Better motivated and trained staff
  • Better learning results
  • Work on creative solutions and try them out
  • Work on team building
  • Practice or train specific items you put forth yourself and which can be used in the simulation
  • Concrete learning of hotel and hospitality concepts

All related to the Emerald Forest Hotel simulation and all of its content (on this platform, Social Media, documentation etc.) is protected by law, IP; so not free to use. Participants with a license can use all content related to the game during the licensed period.
The simulation is as realistic as possible and based on a real hotel. There is a wide range 'tasks': most of them related to general managerial skills, and some (up to you) linked to very specific hospitality 'tasks'. There is a lot of freedom-personalization possible is this, as long as it fits within the storyline.

Distance learning, blended learning

This Management game is completely online with strong links to social media: it is easily usable in 'live' classroom - boardrooms situations as well. The total of the simulation consists of much more then just this platform: there is social media, PowerPoints, instructions, photo streams, video channels e.g. A number of 'live' elements and 'live' coaching make the game much more attractive and will rise engagement. A blended form, as done during Covid-times, is possible as well. The game is built for commercial company's in the service industry and for students at any university or higher education institute. The game has an international character.

  • Completely online version is possible
  • A blended version is possible: 'live' courses, 'live' coaching, Teams actually meet, Team do 'live' presentation e.g. All Game played so far (apart from the Covid versions) have a very strong 'live' component.
  • Ideal for an international week or summer course.

Partner or industry?

You can apply the game in your university or in your company: we offer different options to effectuate this.
We are also looking for more connections with the (real) hotel-hospitality industry. So if you are representing an international hotel chain, we are looking for ways to cooperate. Check the page sponsor or contact us at emeraldforesthotel at

We offer two licenses in using Emerald Forest Hotel

1. Light version

  • The story line of his platform and all linked elements can be used under license.
  • You can do a pick out of the many assignments available or add your own.
  • Coaches will get a login to see specific parts of the platform and be able to edit some of them.
  • You will get the instruction guide How to use Emerald Forest Hotel, with an explanation of all elements and different media, a suggested time planning, suggested use of the story line etc.
  • You will receive a promotional package in support of the game: roll-up banner, flag(s), business cards, medals and door hangers.
  • You will get a personalized competition page on the platform for your competition.
  • You will be welcomed on our Emerald Forest hotel's media channels and social media.
  • You can create your own content linked to the story line, outside of this platform.
  • A short training to your coaches.

2. Fully customized version
On top of the options of the "Light" version, the following elements will be added:

  • Setting up a Facebook group
  • Creating a personalized competition with teams making their own management decisions.
  • Each team having its own private Team File with Year 1-2-3-4 decisions and during four 'years'.
  • A WhatsApp group for support.
  • We could help you with assignments, personalized messages from the former owner of the hotel.
  • You could add content to the platform which suits your plan-game and fits in with the story-line.
  • We could even 'run' the game providing the coaches or having coaches coming over to assist.
  • Whatever your suggestions are....

Please e-mail emeraldforesthotel at gmail for an exact quotation.

What is it about?

The Emerald Forest in a simulation of a hotel which is as realistic as possible. We are using benchmarks from the industry and real-life events to spice up the competition. We have seriously looked into a number of hotels as to find some kind of logic in how to get customers, but also paid special attention to realistic turnover and costs.
A few important elements, as shown in the promotion video, are:

  • The simulation is flexible.
  • The whole simulation is internet based.
  • It is very much linked to social media.
  • The case is 90% real, but also virtual. The hotel exists; the Emerald Forest Hotel doesn't...
  • It is international and there are many benchmarks and points-of-reference.
  • As all teams did start with the same situations you can learn and get inspired by the hundreds of other teams, competitions, cultures, and countries.
  • Is based on two competitions: one on profit and one on creativity.

We have some more information on the content of the game on this page.

Your school, institute or company?

As you are the experts in the branch, we would like to invite you to participate in this simulation: a number of colleagues already did.
This can be by:

  • Evaluating teams

You are very much welcome to help to evaluate the work done by the contesting teams, be a member of the jury in any competition.

  • Having the staff of your company participating as a team

You can form a team (more teams) with your company -or maybe even be a team by yourself- and join in one of the competitions and experience the simulation yourself.

  • In-company training

The simulation could also be used for in-company training. As there are a lot of life activities we need to have close contact on this regarding the number of participants etc.

  • Reviewing

We welcome any comment on the content of the simulation, the content, and f.e. the ratios used in it.

We help you do it yourself

We have experience in setting up simulations like this. We could give a basic course in starting building simulation, setting up, basics of a story line, game mechanics, experiences with technics etc. If you are setting up something like this yourself, you will own it, never be depended on any game offered. An efficient start, in our system, would require a course of 3 times 4 hours.

More info

Please browse through the pages on this platform and on any questions contact us! You can send an e-mail to emeraldforesthotel at
If you are a participant in a game and have any questions, have a look at Help first, then ask your coach.

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