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Word of welcome

Dear all
As you probably understand, many aspects of our social life, as well as the economy are heavily affected by the Corona crisis: So is the Emerald Forest Hotel. For the moment a lot of the activities are postponed, please wait for information from your coaches. This might take a few days. Take care!


This platform is part of the extended management training program: Emerald Forest Hotel. Interested in joining this concept of real virtuality? Look in joining the game. We are working on the latest release of the total of the simulation: version 6.0.

Hello Hotel Management of Breda University a.s.

Good to hear you might be interested to help the family Bergman. We hope we can agree in the time to come, we are always interested in innovative new ideas, especially in these harsh times.

Hello Rotterdam University of a.s.

We are happy to get new, innovative input from students at Rotterdam University of a.s.
Welcome to you, managers from an industrious city! First step is visiting your own competition which is called Game 29NL by clicking here, competition 29NL. This link is always accessible in the main menu and under the link → Go! Running competition

Rotterdam small.png

Hello Tallinn Technolgical University TuT

We are happy to see you joining once more. We've sen some good work from the Baltics in the past especially from Tallinn. So Jill has high hopes. First step is visiting your own competition which is called Game 30EE by clicking here, competition 30EE and always visible in the main menu. This competition will be available beginning of May.

Tut logo small.jpg

Hello Breda University a.s. Academy for Tourism

The oldest and most royal partner in helping the Emerald Forest Hotel out over the years. With many experiences coaches, the family Bergman counts on Breda! First step is visiting your own competition which is called Game 31NL by clicking here, competition 31NL and always visible in the main menu. This competition will be available end of May.

Buas logo small2.png

Competition in Tallinn 2019 at TuT has finished!

The competition in Tallinn has ended: thank you all so much for joining.
We've seen some true entrepreneurs and creativity. The Emerald Forest Hotel hotel is like a roller coaster: congrats to all teams who stayed aboard. But especially the winning teams

  • Hotel Hunt
  • StayWiser Hotel!

Both with a Grand Slam in the competition on entrepreneurship and creativity! Very well done.

Wrap up of competition in Karlsruhe.

What can this simulation do for you?

The Emerald Forest is a unique learning opportunity, offering the possibility to work on (business) management skills in a modern, attractive way, completely online way. The simulation consists of much more than just this platform and has been played by more than 10.000 participants.
The management skills to demonstrate should focus on:

  • Creativity, commercial calculating, managerial capacities and promotional skills.

The Emerald Forest Hotel is an international management simulation with a strong realistic story-line combined with an attractive competition based on profit and on creativity. You can use the Emerald Forest Hotel simulation under one of our licenses: check Joining the Emerald Forest Hotel simulation

Are you interested as an international hotel chain, to join the game as partner, user or sponsor? We offer you a modern platform which lots of linked media and an interesting group of users, mainly working or about to work in hospitality industry. Check the page sponsor.

A proud HSMAI member

Wednesday 29th of March at Amsterdam RAI the HITEC: Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference took place. This is in combination with HSMAI Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference. Emerald Forest Hotel staff has visited both conferences. We are delighted to tell, that we have been chosen one of the nominees for the prestigious HSMAI - awards. Though we didn't win we are proud of our nomination and special recognition!



Release and copyrights

If you are planning to use this simulation, be sure to read the page disclaimer and respect the IP right, related to this platform. The Emerald Forest Hotel simulation is actively monitored, but as the entire simulation is always "in progress", it is hard to oversee all of the changes and its impacts on all media. All postings are, for that matter, the individual responsibility of a specific editor of that specific piece of content, also on social media!
If, by any means, you ended up on this website and think that some elements of the content offend your rights in any way, please contact us and we will respond: emeraldforesthotel at For details on usage of the platform (IP) please check the page copyright on this platform or contact us.

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