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Word of welcome

Dear all
Regretfully, many aspects of our social life, as well as the economy are heavily affected by the Corona crisis: So is the Emerald Forest Hotel. Good news: we still are opened.
Your coaches will inform you how to handle the situation. Take care!

Welcome at the Emerald Forest Hotel!

This platform is part of the management training program of the Emerald Forest Hotel. Welcome in version v0.6, a fully online, corona-proof version of the Hotel!
Interested in joining this concept of real virtuality? Check the page joining the game.
Looking for specific content? Use the main menu on the left-hand, or use the search box top right hand. Type in a relevant word and look for a page on this platform specifically on this word, or for pages containing this word.

UCLL welcome, have a look

A special welcome to UC Leuven Limburg, feel free to have a look around. We are excited to hear that new Management teams from UCLL will be helping Jill Jandal out with new ideas in March 2021.
Your competitions will be:


Welcome Ca' Foscari University of Venice

A special welcome to Centro Internazionale di Studi sull'Economia Turistica, feel free to have a look around. Recommended pages:

Ca foscari.jpg

Welcome BCU: Birmingham City University

A special welcome to Birmingham City University, feel free to have a look around. Recommended pages:

Birminghamcity uni logo small.jpg

Thank you for your contributions!

Thank you Hotel Management track of Breda University a.s.
The game Game 32NL has finished!
Congratulations to the winning Team of the Golden Bell Award:

  • CT Hotel, C05 from the city of Copenstadt.
  • The runner up from Amstelburg The Amstel ForSea, A06
  • The winner of the audience award Boutique Hotel Wood Luxury, C09


Buas logo small2.png Buas logo hotel small.jpg

Thank you Breda University a.s. Academy for Tourism
The game Game 31NL has finished!
Congratulations to the winning Teams of each city, and especially to the overall winning Teams in the city of Budano:

  • On profit the Ryokan Sakura Hotel realizing an amazing € 3,325,000 cumulated net profit
  • On Creativity Super Local with a staggering coach mark of 8,8!


Buas logo small2.png

Thank you Rotterdam University of a.s.
We are happy we got so many new ideas. Your game is finishing right now: thank you so much for joining this game is harsh times. A big shout out to you all, managers from an industrious city!

Rotterdam small.png

Thank you Tallinn Technological University TalTech
The game has finished! Thank you all once again. We've seen very creative work from Tallinn. Hope to be seeing you in the future!

Tut logo small.jpg

After movie

Just to give you an idea what the total of a (finished) game looks like in pre Corona times.

Wrap up of Game in Karlsruhe.

Our latest version v6.0 can, if needed, be ran 100% online. We already did so, twice.

What can this simulation do for you?

The Emerald Forest is a unique learning opportunity, offering the possibility to work on (business) management skills in a modern, attractive way, completely online way. It is used by Universities (of a.s. 4-10 ects), companies as well as training institutes all over Europe. It consists of much more than just this platform and has been played by more than 10.000 participants.
The management skills to demonstrate should focus on: Creativity, commercial calculating, managerial capacities and promotional skills. The Emerald Forest Hotel is an international management simulation with a strong realistic story-line combined with an attractive competition based on profit and on creativity. You can use the Emerald Forest Hotel simulation under one of our licenses: check Joining the Emerald Forest Hotel simulation. A hotel happens to be the case, but it's also very useful in other industries or solely a training aiming at management skills. Or have a look at the promo:

Are you interested as an international hotel chain, to join the game as partner, user or sponsor? We offer you a modern platform which lots of linked media and an interesting group of users, mainly working or about to work in hospitality industry. Check the page sponsor.

A proud HSMAI member

In Amsterdam RAI, under normal circumstances, the HITEC Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference takes place. The conferences is held in combination with HSMAI Hospitality Sales Marketing Association International. Emerald Forest Hotel management visits both conferences. We are delighted to tell, that in edition 2018, we have been chosen one of the nominees for the prestigious HSMAI - awards. Though we didn't win we are proud of our nomination and special recognition!



Release and copyrights

If you are planning to use this simulation, be sure to read the page disclaimer and respect the IP rights, related to this platform. The Emerald Forest Hotel simulation is actively monitored, but as the entire simulation is always "in progress", it is hard to oversee all of the changes and its impacts on all media. All postings are, for that matter, the individual responsibility of a specific editor of that specific piece of content, also on social media!
If, by any means, you ended up on this website and think that some elements of the content offend your rights in any way, please contact us and we will respond: emeraldforesthotel at For details on usage of the platform itself (IP), please check the page copyright or contact us.

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