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What does the hotel look like?

To see what the hotel looks like, there are eight pages:
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The excellent Hotel cost estimating guide 2020 of JN + A and HVS design gives you information on the cost of upgrading elements in the hotel. Or use horwathhtl to get an idea. Check to get a grip on costs of new investments. Feel free to use another guide, if that is more appropriate for your hotel. Do not get lost in too many details: rather thinks in hundreds and in thousands of euro's.

Total of the rooms

The location of the rooms can be found on the groundplan.
The total of the hotel holds:

  • 80 standards rooms
    • 28 rooms located on the ground floor, numbers 1 - 29 (room number 13 doesn't exist) see groundplan.
    • 40 rooms located on the first floor, numbers 30 - 69 see groundplan.
    • 12 rooms located on the second floor, number 70 - 81 see groundplan room 81 not on the map.
  • 20 renovated rooms
    • 20 rooms located on the first floor, numbers 110 -130 (room number 113 doesn't exist) see groundplan.

Photos of the rooms in the Emerald Forest Hotel

As explained, there are 20 renovated rooms so far. The photo show will give you an impression of what they look like.

Renovated rooms

An impression of these rooms:

Renovated rooms Emerald Forest Hotel

The other 80 rooms have not yet been renovated: often they are referred to as standard. This does not mean that they are in bad shape, but they are not really up-to-date. The photo show will give you an impression of what they look like.

Standard rooms, not renovated rooms

An impression of these rooms:

Standard rooms Emerald Forest Hotel

Video playlist

Have a look at the videos of the rooms. The first playlist is of videos related to the renovated rooms.
To see all the videos related to this item, click on the video in the top right-hand corner on the three small bars. Then you will see all the videos in this playlist, and you can choose the ones you want to see.

Video playlist rooms Emerald Forest Hotel

Inventory of the rooms

The rooms are equipped for two persons, sometimes a third bed is possible.
All rooms, including the non-renovated ones, have:

  • A coffee machine and a kettle.
  • Cable TV, central WiFi only 100% in the hallways and other 'public' places. Not too good in the rooms, therefore.
  • A terrace (on the ground floor) or a balcony.
  • The toilet in the bathroom.
  • Shower in bathroom.
  • Small workspace, with two chairs.
  • A total area of minimum 24 m2.

In addition to the above inventory, the renovated rooms have:

  • A double sink.
  • A shower and a bath.
  • Dedicated internet access per room via cable and WiFi.
  • New interior.
  • Separate toilet (not in the bathroom).
  • A total area of minimum 35 m2.
  • Modernized interior.
  • Located at the rear, so park view.

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