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Info on staff of your hotel

Apart from the costs the staff brings, there is limited information on this item.
The Bergman family never considered themselves to be staff and never took a salary. So, this 'distorts' the numbers. Their income mainly originated from the net profit which they, partly, took out of the company, being the entrepreneurs.
From the history the next figures on staff costs are available:

  • Staff costs fixed € 550,271
  • Staff costs variable € 355,170

You can find these in Operating review costs.
You can no influence the fixed costs on staff, and the variable costs on staff will fluctuate due to the occupancy rate (so the number of occupied rooms, so the number of guests) automatically. When you mouse-over column B you will find some additional information on these costs.

Costs related to staff as indicated on the tab 'Results' in your Team File.

  • Staff development costs
    This is the third cost group related to staff. In your Team decisions, each year, you can decide on spending additional money on educating or training your staff e.g.

Number of staff

There is a total of € 550,271 fixed staff costs mentioned in the history (not wages but costs). At approx. € 42,000 average costs per staff-member, this indicates that there are 13 full time staff members. Six of them really work full-time, the records show the other seven full-time positions are fulfilled by 14 persons employed, each with a 0,5 contract.
The variable staff costs at € 355,170 reflect costs the hotel makes for cleaning, serving, check-in etc. If there are fewer guests (a lower occupancy rate), there will be fewer costs on this element. To compare the costs: a full time staff member in this group will cost approx. € 32,000. So the costs in the history reflect 11 full-time jobs, the records show this is fulfilled by 28 persons (with an average 0,4 contract). More on the number of staff on the page FTE.

Hospitality Job titles in Emerald Forest Hotel

As the Bergman family has an easy-going way of management style, there hasn't been much structure in this. Though, from the available administration, you can conclude that the following positions are held:

  • CEO, chief executive officer or general manager: at the moment Jill Jandal
  • CFO, chief financial officer
  • HRM manager
  • Marketing & sales manager
  • (Executive) chef (also food & beverage manager)
  • Hospitality (and banqueting) manager

All of these are full-time jobs.
Besides this, there are also two part-time floor managers, front-of-the-house manager, managers housekeeping and one facility manager (mainly responsible for the grounds and premises).
Job descriptions in hospitality gives some more information.

The hotel is very much organised as a 'line organisation'.

Staff development

It is important that staff is trained all the time: from a legal point-of-view this is required. Developments in products, the changing behaviour of customers and changes in the economy demand this as well. The economy is dynamic and the guests are more and more demanding and better informed. staff development can be on a personal level: an individual training method or career path. For example, individual training can be on hospitality workshops for the reception staff, on more efficient housekeeping, or on new recipes for the kitchen staff. It can be anything.

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