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Use of Team File

The Team File is a very important file for you. Most of your work is done in this file. Of course, there also will be 'live' activities, as well as some other tasks. This file is a Google Spreadsheet and very similar to an Excel spreadsheet, and it is stored in the cloud. You can work with different people, from different devices at the same time. You can even use the app.
You just fill out the requested cells: it's easy.

Just a few remarks:

  • You can change all content in the Team File as many times as you want, until the deadline.
  • Be sure to decide who will do the 'last edit'.
  • Only work in the designated cells. Do not change the layout, add cells, add tabs, rename the file, etc.
  • To correct an error, you can go back many steps with Control-Z.
  • To work smoothly, use the Chrome browser
  • Working on your Team File is the most optimal when you are logged in with a Google account. Then you can also use the version history in the menu and your ‘menu’ offers more options.
  • There is no ‘Save' button: everything is saved automatically.
  • You can copy/paste from Word, only the layout will probably not show-up correctly.
  • Pictures: use insert image from the menu.
  • Just upload one team picture and one new hotel logo, as requested. Do not make the pictures too large.
  • As in reality, you cannot change things in the past, so do not change decisions in any Year if a year has passed.
  • If a year has passed or is not yet 'available', it will be greyed out.

Your Team File looks somewhat (all Games are a bit different) like this:

Example new team file first page 2018.jpg
First page Team File

In each game, the assignments will tell you what you exactly are required to do, in which Year and when.

To get an impression of a completed Team File, you can check:

Example of a Team File after 4 Years of playing

By no means this is the perfect team file: it is just an example of a team file.

The Team File structure

The Team File, for which you have a private login, is the most important file during the game play. In this Team File you will find 4 tabs (bottom of screen):

  • tab Year 0 where you start making strategic choices, introduce your hotel, your strategy;
  • tab Year 1-2-3-4 where you make your decisions about Year 1-2-3-4 and give explanations each year, after the Strategic choices in Year 0. Btw. some games have less or more years;
  • tab Dashboard where you can find an overview of the most important financial results;
  • tab Results where you find an operating review and other details about results and costs after each year.


As a Management Team, you fill out all your decisions and explanations in your Team File. If you have problems with copy/paste, please read Google Docs Help. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube about working in Google Spreadsheets.

Deadlines and results

Each Year has its own deadline: you are not allowed to work on assignments or change decisions, after the deadline.
There is also a specific moment, when all your results will be made visible to you in your Team File:

  • On the tab Dashboard short comment by your coach and nine graphs on your results
  • On the tab Results
    • your operating review (revenues and costs): made by algorithms, not by your team.
    • your hotel's key metrics: made by algorithms, not by your team.
    • market information by Top Research, when bought.

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