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Welcome to market research agency "Top Research"!

We are market research agency "Top Research". We would like to introduce our company to you. We have a long history of research in the hospitality and leisure industry, which goes back to the 1980's. For nearly five decades, we have worked for all of the major hotel-chains and parks. For instance Accor, Marriot Hotels, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Disney, Pierre & Vacances, Roompot and Six Flags.
Over the years we have specialized in hotels and the bungalow market. We are proud to say we are the number 1 in these fields with outstanding market intelligence in the field of customer behaviour, social engagement, customer satisfaction and benchmarks.

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We offer you...

Right now we are preparing our offers for you. Each year we can bring you interesting market analysis of the year past. This information comes in different sizes and at different prices. Our research and calculations are trustworthy and reliable: it will help you in assessing your decisions for the next year or years. The information will be visible on your private Team File at the end of each year. So in any operational year, you can decide to buy the market information which will then be delivered to you at the end of that year. This choice to buy the market analysis from Top Research is one of the year 1-2-3-4 decisions your team has to make every year.

Good information is invaluable, if you know more than your competitors, for instance about market developments, demand, prices or anything else, you have an important weapon to outsmart the competition. You can, of course, also take decisions without our information. It may be cheaper, initially. But is it cheaper in the long-run, and is it really the smartest thing to do? The choice is up to you!

You are free to decide to which extent you want to purchase market information from our company. Depending on the need that exists, you may choose one of our packages. The information bought is to be found on your management report after each year and is available via your secret Team File link. This is only visible to you!

The two different market information packages

The two packages you can choose from will lead to the information paid for appearing on your results tab of your Team File sheet. If packages are not bought the text not bought will appear. The offered packages are:

  • Annual analysis: the 'S', Small package (cost € 25.000 per year)
Contents: an overview of the average prices (minimum and maximum) on weekdays and weekends as well as banqueting prices.

If you don't buy this NOT BOUGHT will appear on your result tab.

  • Annual analysis: the 'L', Large package (cost € 50.000 per year)
Contents: same as the above PLUS the average costs made for all seven (other) decisions in the total of the market.

If you don't buy this NOT BOUGHT will appear on your result tab. You should select your package each year. It is strictly forbidden to share this information; if caught you will be fined for infringing the copyrights of Top Research. This part of your tab results will look something like this: this specific Team has chosen:

  • Year 0: as you take over, all your city competitors have the same history.
  • Year 1, this hotel bought the 'L', Large package. Information on average prices and on average costs made by all the competitors.
  • Year 2, this hotel bought the 'S', Small package. Only information on average prices, so the 'L' package indicated as 'not bought'.
  • Year 3, this hotel bought no information at all.
Example of what information op Top Research looks like in your Team File, tab Results, from row 83.

There is a separate page on market research giving some more information on this.


We kindly remind you that all information is confidential and produced by our company only. Spreading this information to any other party in the market is counter-productive to your company and is also an infringement of our copyrights. By buying our product you automatically accept our terms of delivery.

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