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The Team File, with a private login link, is crucial to your team in running the hotel. In this Team File you will find 4 tabs:

  • tab Year 0 where you start; this is where you do the strategic choices, introduce your hotel, strategy, logo etc.
  • tab Year 1-2-3-4 where you take your decisions each year and give explanations each year, after your Strategic choices in Year 0
  • tab Dashboard where you can find an overview of the most important financial results and a short comment of your coach
  • tab Results where you can find an operating review and other details on results and costs after each year

After a year has passed, the new dashboard and results will be visible after releasing by your coach.
There is a Demo Team File you can check, with a filled out Team File at the end of an example Game.
Each competition is set-up in a specific way: so check your competition's assignments and timeline for details.
You will see some 'locked' symbols on the tabs of your Team File: don't worry. On the tabs year 0 and tab year 1-2-3-4 you can edit in the indicated cells. Do be careful in handling the file, it is a spreadsheet.
The tabs Dashboard and Results you can never edit.

Team sheet tabs Emerald Forest Hotel year 0.jpg
Team File tabs Emerald Forest Hotel

First things to do Year 0: your strategic choices

Taking over the hotel means that you will have to make a lot of decisions within a short time period: you have to prepare! You wished you had the time to think things over for weeks, well, sorry you don't have that time! The hotel is open for business from the moment you take over. So you need to decide on a lot of things before you can run your hotel.

Example team file first page 2021 year0.jpg
Demo Year 0 section in Team File

Explanations on the other elements to be found in Team File.
You will have to do with the decisions on costs and prices, made by Jill so far. You can start by setting your own, new strategic goals and ideas. In section 'Year 0' you start doing so, it comprises the following options:

  • A new Hotel name
  • Introducing your Management Team and the roles of all members
  • Making a Management Team contract
  • A new strategy for your hotel
  • Decide on your new (or same) target market and-or Target groups
  • A picture of the new Management Team, so you
  • A new Logo, make it, present it and explain it
  • Think of a Slogan, reflecting the new strategy of your hotel

You really need all of this, before you can make your decisions in any year, which you will do in the years to come on the tab Year 1-2-3-4 with your decisions.

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