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Please read the basic information about the Emerald Forest Hotel by reading 10 important pages below.
The Flickr channel stocks hundreds of photo's of the Hotel itself, click here.

Introduction to the Hotel
Page Name Content
-01- Hotel objectives What are the goals of the Emerald Forest Hotel?
-02- Bergman family and the hotel An introduction to the family Bergman and the history of the hotel.
-03- Rooms What does the hotel look like, especially the rooms?
-04- Competition Who are the competitors of the hotel?
-05- City Information on the city where the Emerald Forest Hotel is located.
-06- Customer More information about the customers of the hotel.
-07- Leisure target group A special look at the weekend guests.
-08- Business target group A special look at the weekday guests.
-09- Operating review What are the financial figures at the moment of taking over the hotel?
-10- Staff An overview of the employed staff last year.

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