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Before looking at this platform, you absolutely need to know some more things to get a good grip on the situation.

Basic pages to read

You can find the basic information by following the list of ten pages below. Please follow the ten pages/steps below and read them. All links in these pages can be of use in the rest of the simulation: when you need more information just in time. Now you might get lost in the hundreds of pages.

Introduction to the Hotel
Page Name Content
-01- Hotel objectives What are the goals of the Emerald Forest Hotel at this moment?
-02- Bergman family and the hotel An introduction on the family Bergman and the history of the hotel.
-03- Rooms What does the hotel look like, especially the rooms?
-04- Competition Whom is the hotel competing with?
-05- City Information on the city Emerald Forest is in.
-06- Customer Some more information on the customers.
-07- Leisure target group A special look at the weekends and guests.
-08- Business target group A special look at the weekend days and guests.
-09- Operating review What do the financial numbers look like at the moment you take over the hotel?
-10- Staff An overview of what staff has been employed last year.

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