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Have you checked Introduction to Hotel? These are the basic pages you need to know. In this section however, you get an overview of all info pages related to the hotel as it is the at the time you take over.
The Emerald Forest Hotel is a mid-size hotel with 100 rooms, which is situated just outside a city of 130,000 inhabitants and which has a strong regional attraction due to its surroundings. It is a typical family-run hotel with a lot of customers who have been guests for 'ages'. For sure the hotel needs renovation, and new creative ideas. Luckily, there is a lot of information available on the hotel. On the pages in the list below, you can find all kind of details on the hotel; and also pictures and videos, as well as information on marketing and finance. You can use the search box on top of this page as well; type in anything and chose 'Search for pages containing....'.
If you are looking for things related to using this platform, social media links etc. try Help. If you just want to see what the hotel looks like in videos and photos: check photos and videos of the hotel.

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