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Welcome to the Emerald Forest Hotel!

This is the homepage of the Game called 03EE, April 2013. From this central point you can navigate to the pages with information you need.

Always check the news: latest news always on top

April, 17th 15.00
  • Tallinn thank you for competition 03EE! Your editing right have been stopped: but the pages will stay open to all.
  • Congratulations to the winning teams:
    • Creativity city Amstelburg: Forest Fitness Spa
    • Creativity city Budano: Sapphire Waterfront, overall winning team!
    • Profit in city Amstelburg: Amstelburg Forest Hotel, overall winning team!
    • Profit in city Budano: Casa Emerald C&S

Well done! For all interviews see: 03EE Interview winning teams and the flag ceremony: 03EE Greetings

Pictures of the 3 minutes
Pictures of the final!

Your tasks during the entire game

There is a lot of information on this platform: don't get "killed by information": so do you do first? Read all of the tasks underneath and follow the handy steps. You can click on any blue link for more information on any page. Don't start doing so immediately, you might get lost ;-).
First get a grip on the simulation look around and plan ahead! Good luck!

The reception of Emerald Forest Hotel

Participating in the game means doing the next tasks:

  • tasks to be done before the game week starts (underneath)
  • tasks to be done during the game week to be found at 03EE Tasks and decisions, day by day.

Your tasks before the game week starts

During April 2013 (before the 11th of April; the game week) the next tasks must have been finished

You will receive information from your coaches on:
> your username and password for the platform to edit your teampage
> your teammembers
> secret link to your secure section where you input your decisions and can see your results. With this information you can work on your first four tasks. Beware it is going to be an intensive, but yet rewarding week! So make sure you have your team well organised and the tasks well divided.

  • Task 1: Meet with your teammembers

Plan meetings with your team in the weeks before the game is played, to make preparations and plans for who is going to do what during week 15. In this game week (week 15) all team members must be available all of the time. It is going to be busy but a very interesting week! Beware that the game week is from Thursday the 11th until the end of the day on Sunday(!) the 14th.

  • Task 2: Study E-manual

Go to the top right hand side of this page screen at "My Preferences" and choose E-mail options. Only change the e-mail address in the e-mail address of one of your team members. Do not change the password or anything else.
- Help on this: Help:Help on first login

Study the E-manual: here you will find what you need to read before taking any action. Look around a bit in the platform, so that you get a grip on what to find here and how it works. All teammembers can login using the same username: multiple users at the same time with the same login name is no problem. To just read the content of this platform you don't need to login at all, by the way (only if you want to edit).
- Help on this: Help:How to study the E-manual

  • Task 3: First actions

After reading, discuss your strategic plans with regard to the hotel and come to a conclusion. First have a look at the example page: page 03EE User example team. Then start filling out your own team page. The first section is called

Your Hotel teampage on this platform
You can see it without a login code but you need a login code to edit it.
This hotel team page should be ready before the game week! This means presenting yourself on this page and having this done before the Trade Fair. You also have to have a public Facebook page for your hotel (this can be filed in during the week). Be sure to FRIEND this teampage to the central Facebook page. Be sure only to work on your OWN teampage!

Think of a new strategy on how to manage the hotel as in reality, whilst you can change some things during the game you cannot start a complete different strategy. There is an extended Help but the most specific page would be:
- Help on this: Help:How to study the E-manual

Your Hotel in the secure section
Only you can see the secure section using your unique secret link that you've received. This is the so called secure section which : read the page [[[Explaining secure section]]. In this secure section your company decisions and results will be organized. Before the game week starts, please fill out your hotel name here and fill out and check the content to get a feeling of things. You can change your decisions up until the deadline of each year.

  • Task 4: Prepare Trade Fair

In the game week, your hotel will be presenting itself at a Trade Fair. So, before this week think this over and prepare for the Trade Fair: check this page for more information. This is an important meeting, one which will influence your success in the game. This offers you the opportunity to present your (new ideas on the) hotel. Be creative, and have a look at the pictures of Trade Fairs from competitions. All team members must participate in the Trade Fair.
To make your appearance at the Trade fair as useful as possible, your preparations on your team page (task 3) must be ready (new, logo, slogan, introduction of new management).

Your tasks during the game week

Tasks during the game week 15, 11th April - 14th April
On the page 03EE Tasks and decisions you can find all tasks which are to be done during the game week, day by day.

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