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Welcome to the Emerald Forest Hotel!

This is the homepage of the Game called 07EE, March 2014. From this central point you can navigate to the pages with information you need. All blue links are clickable and will bring you to another page in the platform. For instance clicking on Photos and videos will jump to this page in the platform with photos and videos of the hotel. The navigation left-hand site will always stay active: and you can use back in your browser. But there is by now 4,038 pages in this platform, so if you're new first follow the steps later on on this page to prevent you from getting lost. All links which look like this - with a small blue arrow - hospitality trends 2013 and will open a new tab in your browser and open a new website outside of this platform on a new browser tab.

Photos of the finals[1]
Photos of the three minutes [2]

Always check the news: latest news always on top

March, 15th. Wednesday

The competitions in Tallinn has finished: thank you all for participating! Congratulating the winning teams:

  • Amstelburg on creativity Eye hotel
  • Budano on creativity Emerald Heritage Hotel: overall winning team
  • Amstelburg on profit Woodland Hotel
  • Budano on profit Friend Hotel: overall winning team

  • If you see on you teampage something like: Coach 21:59, 8 March 2014 (CET) it means your Dutch coach has changed something to help you out on your teampage. You can delete this message on your teampage after reading.
  • How much should investments be? Check page Investments and the very handy pdf: estimating hotel costs.
  • Welcome to the platform, all international teams in Tallinn!
  • All is set, we just might change some details in the secure section: please send in the (extra - linked) assignments by e-mail when the deadline arrives.
  • Be sure to be available during the entire game week, Thursday 13th of March - Sunday 16th of March.
  • Questions on your team(members), study and schedules? Please check your staff in Tallinn.
  • Questions on the game? Try to find answers on the platform first especially via Help and info pages on the hotel.

Not found there? Use the shoutbox in the left-hand menu, only visible if you are logged in, or use Twitter with the hashtag #07EE.

Competition Twitter-stream: use #07EE - On problems check Twitter itself
First impressions of your competition
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Your tasks during the entire game

There is a lot of information on this platform: don't get "killed by information": so do you do first? Do the tasks underneath on this page step by step. You can click on any blue link for more information on any page. Don't start doing so immediately, you might get lost ;-). Good luck!

The reception of Emerald Forest Hotel

Participating in the game means doing the next tasks:

  • tasks to be done before the game week starts (underneath)
  • tasks to be done during the game week to be found in 07EE Tasks and decisions, day by day.

Your tasks before the game week starts, so before 13th March

You will receive information from your coaches on:
> your teamnumber, the city your team is operating in and your teammembers
> your team's username and password for the platform to edit your teampage
> the secret link to the so called secure section where you make your decisions and can see your results. This section is private to each team.
With this information you can start meeting with your team, dividing the tasks, checking out the platform etc. Make sure you have your team well organised and the tasks well divided.

During March 2014 (so before the the game week, week 11) the next tasks must have been finished

  • Task 1: Meet with your teammembers

Plan meetings with your team in the weeks before the game week, to make preparations and plans for who is going to do what before this game week and during week 11. In this game week (week 11) all team members must be available all of the time. It is going to be busy but a very interesting week! Beware that the game week is from Thursday the 13th March until the end of the day on Sunday the 16th of March.

  • Task 2: Study E-manual

Study the E-manual: here you will find what you need to read before taking any action. Look around a bit in this platform, so that you get a grip on what to find here and how it works. If you want more visualization, you can check thevideo help first section to get an impression on how to use the platform, especially the page the Guided tour through the platform.

Go to the top right-hand side of this page screen at "My Preferences" scroll a bit down until you see E-mail, E-mail options. Change this e-mail address in a real e-mail address of one of your teammembers use the save button at the bottom. This e-mail might comes handy in some cases. Do not change the password or anything else in this section
- Help on this: Help:Guided tour through the platform | Help:Help on first login | Help:How to find information and help

All teammembers can login using the same username: multiple users at the same time with the same login name is no problem. To just read the content of this platform you don't need to login at all, by the way (only if you want to edit). There is much information on how to do things in Help:contents or on the special pages in Category:Hotel info. You can search with the buttons top-righthand corner: with GO for a special page on the searched for item, or with button Search which will show all pages where this search item is mentioned. No answer found? Ask your coach or use the Shoutbox which is monitored by the coaches.
- Help on this: Help:How to study the E-manual

  • Task 3: First actions

After reading, discuss your strategic plans with regard to the hotel and come to a conclusion. First have a look at the example page: page 07EE Example teampage. Then start filling out your own teampage: this has to be ready entirely on Thursday the 13th at 19.00. Have a look at the secure section using your private link and fill out your chosen hotelname there!
- Help on this: Help:How to edit your teampage | Help:How to upload a photo | Help:How to make links

  • Task 4: Prepare Trade Fair

In the game week, your hotel will be presenting itself at a Trade Fair on Thursday. So, before this week think this over and prepare for the Trade Fair: check this page for more information. This is an important meeting, one which will influence your success in the game. This offers you the opportunity to present your (new ideas on the) hotel. Be creative, and have a look at the pictures of Trade Fairs from competitions. All team members must participate in the Trade Fair.
To make your appearance at the Trade Fair as useful as possible, your preparations on your teampage must be ready as far as possible (new logo, slogan, introduction of new management).

Tasks during the game-week: 13th March - 16th March

  • Task 5 to 10

On the page 07EE Tasks and decisions you can find all tasks which are to be done during the game week, day by day.

Some history of other competitions
  • Competition in May 2013 Tallinn at TuT: competing with two cities, twenty teams and 102 participants!
  • Congratulations to the winning teams:
    • Creativity city Amstelburg: Forest Fitness Spa
    • Creativity city Budano: Sapphire Waterfront: overall winning team 03EE Tallinn!
    • Profit in city Amstelburg: Amstelburg Forest Hotel overall winning team 03EE Tallinn!
    • Profit in city Budano: Casa Emerald C&S

Well done! For all interviews see: 03EE Interview winning teams and the flag ceremony 03EE Tallinn: 03EE Greetings

Pictures of the final in Tallinn in 2013!

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